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Metallurgy of Boilers and Pressure Vessels: Metallurgical Testing

At our Metallurgical Testing laboratory can help you answer your "I don’t know why" on failed equipment, failed component or failed parts. Our metallurgical testing laboratory is well equipped and our capabilities to address hoop stress, nonmetal, metals test, breakdown and overheated failed parts. Metallurgical Testing can provide solutions to your equipment problems by better understanding what and why the part failed. Of course, it does not have to be a boiler tube or pressure vessel find the cause of the breakdown of the metal.

Type of question(s) asked:

  • I don’t know why
  • I don't think the metal is what was specified
  • I have plate (or pipe) that has to be identified
  • The welds failed (catastrophically)
  • There is corrosion next to the welds is this a problem
  • I have corrosion but I don’t know why
  • The metal is cracking without reason
  • I need a metallurgical perspective of my failure
  • The part should have lasted longer
  • I know we overheated the shell, but can we still use the shell

These questions represent the need to have metallurgical testing done.


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